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For service to the law and judicial administration in Queensland, particularly in legal education and women's issues, to the support of a range of legal organisations, and to the community. For service to the community as a benefactor and supporter of a wide range of organisations, particularly in the areas of art, education and medicine.


Professor Anthony Douglas COUSINS, Castle Hill, NSW.

For service to literary studies as an academic, author and international specialist in the field of early modern British literature. For service to the antiquarian book trade, to professional associations and promotion of the industry in Australia and internationally, and to small business through contributions to the advancement of the City of Melbourne. For service to sport, particularly through executive roles with the Commonwealth and Olympic Games organisations, and to basketball as a competitor at national and international levels. For service to conservation and the environment, particularly through the development of sustainable land management practices, to the arts, and to the community of Keith. For service to the legal profession, to sustainable urban and transport infrastructure development in Victoria, and to the community.

Emeritus Professor Peter Le Poer DARVALL, Fairfield, Vic.

For service to education, as Vice-Chancellor of Monash University and as an engineering academic and researcher. For service to medicine as an academic and administrator, particularly as a contributor in the fields of pathology and community health. For service to medicine, particularly through promotion and support of bioethics in medical research, and as a researcher in the field of genetics. For service to conservation and the environment, particularly through natural resource management organisations and the Landcare movement, and to local government. For service to agricultural economics, international trade and climate change through research and public policy analysis. For service to the Parliament of Australia, particularly through the administration of the House of Representatives and its committees, to promotion of parliamentary practice and procedure, and to assisting the understanding of the functions of parliament internationally. For service to the manufacturing industry, particularly the automotive component sector and through the Australian Industry Group, and to the community through church and overseas aid organisations. For service to science, particularly in the field of immunology and vaccine research through contributions to a range of scientific organisations, and as an academic and mentor. For service to history and to the humanities as a teacher, researcher and author, and through administrative, advocacy and advisory roles in academic and public sector organisations. For service to Asian studies and international relations, particularly in the field of Chinese society, culture and language. For service to the print, radio and television media, and to the community through a range of charitable institutions. For service to the community through support and sponsorship of a range of educational, indigenous, heritage and art organisations, to the law, and to business. For service as a philanthropist supporting and endowing a range of charitable, indigenous, heritage and art organisations. For service to business and industry through policy development and economic research, to the resources sector in the areas of energy regulation and marketing, and to tourism development. For service as one of Australia's most distinguished landscape artists, for support and philanthropy to Australian art, and for the encouragement and education of young and emerging artists.

For service to religion as Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, as a renowned theologian, and significant contributor to international interfaith collaboration. For service to the arts through charitable support and developing policy initiatives, to business and commerce as a company director, to education, and to the community through a range of philanthropic endeavours.

The Honourable Justice Margaret Anne Mc MURDO, Clayfield, Qld.

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For distinguished service as the Director of Strategic Operations for the Multi-National Force, Iraq. For distinguished service to the Australian Defence Force in senior command and staff appointments.

Professor Paul Charles DAVIES, Glenning Valley, NSW.

For service to science, particularly the disciplines of physics, cosmology and astrobiology, as an educator, author and public commentator. For service to science through research and teaching in the areas of palaeoclimate studies, salination and climate change, and through the initiation and support of international scientific collaboration. For service to business and commerce, particularly in the areas of public relations and annual reporting, and to the community through charitable organisations. For service to the Islamic and Turkish communities, particularly through the establishment of educational facilities and settlement programs for migrants, and to the promotion of interfaith dialogue. For service to the community through the development of leukaemia support foundations, to philanthropic and church organisations, and to business and commerce. For service to public health in the field of communicable disease control, particularly through international humanitarian aid programs. For service to education, particularly through contributions to social and cultural education curriculum development and implementation in NSW schools, and to the community of the Bouddi Peninsula area.

For eminent service to the Australian Defence Force in command of the Australian Army and strategic staff appointments.


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