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Spatial and temporal variations of Carboniferous sediment accumulation within the northwestern part of the northern flank of the Tindouf Syncline in Saharan Morocco allowed to distinguish 16 lithofacies types.

The placoderm vertebrate Kujdanowiaspis buczacziensis (Brotzen, 1934) is proposed here as an index for the beginning of the Pragian.

L’établissement des limites stratigraphiques dans les Vieux Grès Rouges de Podolie (Ukraine) est relativement problématique, ce faciès se prêtant très mal à la fossilisation de marqueurs stratigraphiques habituels, comme les conodontes.

Evidence for a mass extinction event during the Serpukhovian in the Tindouf Basin has not been clearly recognized, although a possible influence of glaciation is observed in the faunal diversity.

Eustatic sea-level changes were experienced in Tindouf with the cyclic pattern of sedimentation, but warm water ocean currents from the palaeoequator were able to maintain tropical conditions on the platform.

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