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The spread between the fair market value of the stock and the option's strike price is included as income for AMT purposes.

Chat Bot is a fast chat robot/automatic autoresponder.Anna is a fork of ALICE, which won the competition in 20.Alice is designed to be a general web-bot, however, whereas Anna is really more of a general conversationalist bot, but tailored to the competition.Actually, Achille killed Hector, but I hope here, they will make peace. Niall (The Non-Intelligent Acquired Language Learner) is another chatterbot which in the beginning knows absolutely nothing.The purpose of Elbot is to converse with users about any topic under the sun, rather than a specialized and self-contained set of FAQs as is usually the demand for commercial systems. It was created by Mat Peck and released by his mini software house entitled ' Paranoid Software'.

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