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One of them, Auntie Yaa, also sells condoms and tissue paper to the girls who patronize her brothel.She keeps the business’ proceeds at the bottom of her bucket.But nowadays their shacks, hammered from plywood and tin, have all become brothels. During the day, he lives as a family man in town with his Ghanaian wife.The young girls, many of them minors, work in the more than fifty such establishments here. At night he is here, coordinating his three main employees: Chidi, Chris and bar sales girl Ama.Inside a large yellow wooden kiosk named ‘Arrivals Lodge’ in bright red paint, landlord Chidi (33) paces up and down, trying to figure out where to put the five girls who have just approached him.“Have some patience, you’ll be served soon”, he says."KEYS - MAN - TOMBOLA HOUSE" is the inscription on one of the kiosks.

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The shift to this brothel business started a year later, in 2010, when a brothel called Soja Bar in the centre of Ghana was closed and demolished by the authorities.

The brothel counts ten bedrooms, five on each side of a tiny walkway lit by blue fluorescent lamps. Used condoms and tissue paper, wet with semen and lubricant are piled in the wastebaskets by each doorway. He knocks hard on the doors: they have had their five minutes.

“Time up,” he says and girls, paired with men of different ages, emerge from the cubicles.

To find the brothels, follow the railway tracks towards Accra Central and keep going after the VIP Bus Terminal.

You’ll see wooden shacks and tin roofs on your left.

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